As a spiritual being in a body, we are meant to be in constant communication with the energetic world around us, simply because we are a part of it. It’s this communication that gives us the awareness that allows us to know what is for our brightest good, and how to move toward that.

Our awareness of this communication is also known as intuition.

When we are confident, and trust our place in the Universe, intuition can be easy to understand and follow. However, if we lack confidence, and don’t trust the Universe, intuition can feel as if it’s non-existent.

Often, we are more aware of our intuition when we don’t trust it. We may get the feeling that we shouldn’t take our usual route home, but then decide to anyway, only to end up in an accident. Or maybe we take a job that didn’t feel right, only to end up regretting it. Later on, we may find ourselves saying “I knew I shouldn’t have done that!”

Intuition is not something that you have to be gifted with. Everyone is intuitive, whether they believe it or not. We can’t help but be intuitive because we are energetic beings in constant contact with the energetic Universe. Information is flowing to us and through us all the time.

But we do experience different levels of intuition; the greater our trust in the Universe, the greater our awareness, and understanding, of intuitive guidance.

The most basic of intuitive awareness is the gut feeling. It’s when you walk into a room and just know, without knowing how you know, who to stay away from, and who feels safe. You have a feeling about people and situations, and you sense what is right, and not right, for you.

The next level of intuitive awareness is more creative, and we have to actively practice it by engaging with our mind and spirit. We sense, or feel, that we should be doing something greater, and that the Universe is guiding us. At this level, we start to experience synchronicity. We notice when the Universe says yes, or no, and we know what we should do next (though we don’t always choose to follow through or listen to that guidance).

The highest level of intuitive understanding is what Intuitive Healer, Caroline Myss, calls Visionary Intuition. Visionary Intuition is the ability to completely surrender personal will to Divine Will, and to surrender personal will to Divine Will, we have to have complete faith in Source. To surrender to Divine Will is to let go of our ideas of how we think our life should look, so that we are directed by Source Energy to co-create a life that may not necessarily look like the picture we’ve created in our imagination.

At the level of Visionary Intuition, we are aware of our connection to Source, the angels, and our guides, and know we play a part in the bigger picture, even if we don’t know exactly what that means. To receive intuitive guidance at this level, we don’t ask how or why. We just say yes!

The more we say yes to the Universe, the more the Universe says yes to us. Every time you trust the vision that the Universe holds for you, and act on it, you are given a bigger and brighter vision.

Visions are always going to feel scary, because there is no way to act on one alone – you must have the support of the Universe in order to let it unfold through you. It’s at this point that most people will feel the fear, and back away, only willing to work with smaller visions that don’t require big changes.

As an energetic being, it’s important to have the awareness of intuition if we are to be true co-creators. If you are not trusting and following your intuition, then you are living life only through your five senses, which means you respond to life rather than co-create with life, and this will greatly limit you.

We are created to be in constant communication with a world of Light that is always seeking to guide us to our brightest good. It is this connection that gives us strength when the physical world would have us believe that we are separate and alone.


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