In my line of work, I get asked many questions.

How can I make more money?
How can I make money doing what I love?
How can I lead a more spiritual life?
How can I better express my gifts and talents?
How can I forgive my parents? Ex lovers? Husband? Wife? Etc.

But no question is asked more than this one:

How can I get more love?

There is nothing more wonderful than being Loved. Being Loved fills our world with sweetness, enthusiasm, and excitement.

However, when we rely on receiving love from another person in order to be happy, we are essentially giving them control over our happiness; if they take their love, they take our happiness with it.

What most people don’t understand, is that to truly experience love, we have to give it. Our experience of love is not dependent on the receiving, but on the giving.

I once had a client who had been in a marriage for over twenty years. One day her husband told her he didn’t love her, and hadn’t loved her for a very long time, and he wanted a divorce. She was beyond surprised because she thought they had a loving relationship.

She experienced love in the relationship because she loved, not because she received love.

It’s our ability to give love that allows us to experience love.

Everyone has had this experience. A good example would be whenever there is a natural disaster, and the aftermath is shown on television. Most everyone experiences love and compassion for the victims and survivors, even though we have never met them!

This is Love in its purest and most powerful form; compassionate and unconditional.

Unconditional LOVE is the kind of love that changes lives, and changes the world.

Unconditional LOVE is when we can Love someone without necessarily liking them.

Unconditional LOVE is fierce, and beautiful, and is all about stepping out of the comfort zone – It’s the LOVE we give, even when it’s not returned! If you feel you need the safety of knowing you are definitely loved in return, you are missing the point of Love.

Love makes us vulnerable only to make us more empowered. When you can get to a place where you are willing to put it out there – without any safety net – that’s LOVE.

If you only share your love with someone you know for sure loves you back, that’s not stepping out of the comfort zone – and love doesn’t last long in the comfort zone because you have already shown you are only willing to love under safe circumstances.

Love is not safe… it’s fearless.

Show that you LOVE by being fearless with it. LOVE without needing to be loved back, and the love you do receive will be true, and amazing, and wonderful. And fearless, because it’s coming through You!

LOVE loves FEARLESS LOVE. So LOVE is drawn to it, and then Love experiences itself by expressing through you.

If you feel like you are just not ready to really put yourself out there for LOVE, ask yourself this:

What would it take for me to love fearlessly?
How can I release my resistance to loving fearlessly?

And then affirm:

Infinite Spirit, open the way for  me to be open to expressing the highest and brightest Love possible while I’m in this human body. Help me to allow Love to express through me, and into my Life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are like what you come from, and you come from Love. When you allow yourself to Love, you allow the highest expression of Source Energy to work through you, and it’s this expression that changes the world.


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