It is said that the angel Sandalphon was created from the Tree of Life, and walked the Earth in human form as Elijah, the great prophet of Israel who we’ve read about in the book of Kings in the Bible. Toward the end of his days he was taken in a flaming chariot in a whirlwind into the Heavens – alive and well – to return to his angelic form.

Sandalphon, an Angel of Prayers and Music, is also twin brother to Metatron, who interestingly is the only other angel who is said to have walked the earth as a man and ascended to Heaven without dying. Together they carry prayers through the different levels of Heaven to God.

Moses called Sandalphon a “tall angel,” and in fact, Sandalphon is so tall that it would take 500 years to travel from his toes to his head.

Sandalphon is also a guardian angel to all children.

When we need wisdom and clarity, we can call on Sandalphon. We live in a world where we may be unable to perceive the many miracles that are happening around us at any given moment. Sandalphon can help us to see that God’s miracles happen all the time, and that we have as much right to experience them as the next person!

Sandalphon wants us to ask for what we want! Then release those prayers to him to take to God. And we really need to release them. If you place an order through, you don’t keep emailing them and placing the same order again over and over because it hasn’t arrived on your doorstep, right? You wait expectantly! You KNOW your gifts are on their way!

Have faith that your prayers are heard and answered. Some things take a little longer, or maybe the timing isn’t right. Just trust and know that your prayers have been heard. If you are feeling impatient about it, ask for the peace to carry you through until your prayers are answered. Or ask to see the wisdom in God’s plan for you. Sometimes we ask for things we want, but aren’t necessarily any good for us. Pray for guidance, and pray to be on the path that is for your highest good.

Sandalphon can help us to walk the path of our highest purpose. He inspires us and fills us with insights that guide us toward being who we are meant to be. And like all the angels, he is a messenger of the Divine and glorifies God in all that he does; all so that we may awaken to our Soul and Light the world.


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