The journey to healing can be a complex and frustrating process. There are many factors that affect our well-being which are often ignored during the healing process.

#1 Bright Beginnings

Often when people talk about stress, they treat it as an annoyance; something they have to deal with because of work, relationship issues, or the holidays. But in truth, stress can be deadly. The Scientific American online journal states that stress can lower the body’s healing response by 25 percent, so healing takes longer. This is because it compromises the immune system. Every system in the body, including cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous systems, can be drastically weakened – all because of stress!

This makes stress the precursor to just about every physical or emotional complaint you can think of.

Stress is also particularly damaging to emotional well-being, because prolonged and untreated stress actually programs the brain to automatically react with depression, anxiety, overwhelm, or fear, which further compromises physical well-being. Once the brain has been programmed to react this way, healing becomes much more difficult because this programming is sub-conscious and automatic, so it works against any good intentions for healing. Essentially, this means the mind is programmed for more stress.

In the “Bright Beginnings” class, Deanna teaches how to start truly dealing with stress by breaking the cycle of automatic thinking so the brain can be reprogrammed with the kinder emotions that allow healing to occur. She’ll discuss several holistic therapies, that when used together, offer profound and immediate stress relief, which then opens the door to deeper emotional well-being.

#2 Building a Foundation

#3 Power, Creativity and Relationships

#4 Trusting the Self and Self Confidence

#5 Releasing Grief and Anger

#6 Power and Integrity

# 7 Living Your Truth

#8 Trusting Life


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