“It only takes a little bit of poison to kill.” ~ Bob Proctor

I had spent the morning doing my affirmations and spiritual exercises so that I felt totally on top of the world! I felt so good about where I was going, what I’d accomplished, and how I was moving forward on my goals. I felt (sing it with me) AMAZING!

Then I went to visit a friend, and was she ever in a bad mood!

Within just a few minutes of our conversation, I felt totally deflated, hopeless and despairing. Then I thought of this quote from Bob Proctor. So, I forced myself to reach for a positive thought, and brought it into the conversation. She didn’t care, she just threw another negative comment.

“Our economy is in terrible shape, we just aren’t going to recover,” she said.

“Yeah, but I have clients who are doing really well, financially, and I even know a couple of people who have been able to start a new business,” I countered.

“Yeah, but their business will probably fail.” Zing!

“Not necessarily,” whoosh…. (Where’d my positive thought just go???)

“And you know, I’ve heard that milk is going to go up to over $7.00 a gallon.”

Forget it. I just had to cut my losses and go. A little bit of poison, really, does go a long way. And it sure killed my optimism, in spite of my trying to sustain a positive mood.

Keeping positive is like tending a garden. There will always be weeds to pull, and watering to do. We can’t just sit back and expect the positivity to blossom in our daily life without a LOT of work. There will be moments where we feel those negative emotions; despair, anger, frustration, hopelessness, even hatred.

I once had someone tell me how disappointed they were in me because I talked about being such a spiritual person, yet I was dealing with so many challenges.

“If you were so spiritual, you wouldn’t have so many problems!”

This reminded me that I, too, once judged someone I believed to be very spiritual as failing at it because he got snarky with one of his employees.

Walking a spiritual path is not about always being happy. It’s about recognizing when we are getting into a dark space, and managing it by utilizing the tools we already have to get into a positive state again.

“Go find yourself first, so you can also find me.” ~ Rumi

Who are we? We are expressions of a Divine and Loving Creator.

What are we? We are Love, because we are like what we come from.

When we can find ourselves first, we are able to remember that we are love, and that those around us are love too (even if they don’t remember), and the negativity that is thrown at us is not something that we have to claim as our own.

To keep our lives healthy and balanced, there are many things we do, over and over again. We brush our teeth, again and again. We shower, eat, exercise, and sleep. And we develop a practice of moving into a positive space… over and over and over again.

A positive energy lifting exercise for you 🙂


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  1. shikoba says:

    Yes, yes, yes….thanks seems like a healthy and fun process.

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