“The Little Thief” by Christian Schloe

“Letting go” seems to be a theme in my life lately, and I was wondering why I keep ending up in these situations where releasing another part of myself is necessary.

Then I realized that I’d asked for it!

I asked to be healed, to receive clarity, to have love, and adventure. I’d asked for the Universe to exceed my expectations when it came to what I wanted my life to look like.

We cannot receive healing when we hold on to unhealthy habits.

We cannot receive clarity when we insist we already know everything.

We cannot receive love when we hold on to the hurt.

We cannot live a life of adventure when we hold on to our old life!

Trying to hold on to our previous life is like trying to drive somewhere, yet take the road with us!

Life is letting go because life is always moving forward. Letting go gives us a space to receive a gift; a bigger and brighter life.


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