When I was 12 years old, my math teacher informed me I was terrible in math; most girls were. Needless to say, all through junior high and high school, I did terrible in math. At the age of 25, I decided to brave city college. I took beginning Algebra, and got an A+. My teacher, a woman, and also the dean of the school, told me I was good in math. So I took Statistics, and also received an A+.

Just because we are told something, even by an authority figure, doesn’t mean it’s true. When someone gives us their “facts,” they are highly likely projecting their personal experiences, rather than seeing us as an individual.

Marriage never lasts.
An artist will never make a comfortable living.
Being poor is more honorable than being rich.
God wants us to suffer.
Girls are terrible in math.

And these are just a few of the examples of bad programming I’ve heard over the years, either in my own life, or from my clients.

Now, if you are using affirmations to help you attract a loving relationship, your dream job, financial independence, a fulfilling spiritual practice, or inner peace and joy, and you have any of these old beliefs, you may find your affirmations are not doing much good. That’s because your old programming trumps the new desire – every time.

That’s why I like to use energy clearing statements and muscle testing each morning to make sure that my energetic and subconscious self are moving toward well-being rather than getting me stuck back in my old programming.

Try muscle testing on the previous statements, and see where your old programming is.

(If you want to know more about muscle testing, click here to see my video.)

Then use energy clearing statements to clear that old belief. (Before clearing your energy statements, it’s a good idea to get into a good heart-space – see my video below.)

First Examples of energy clearing statements may be:

Anywhere I believe that marriage never lasts…
Anywhere I believe I can’t make a living as an artist…
Anywhere I believe I cannot be financially successful…
Anywhere I believe I’m not worthy in the eyes of God…

Then follow up with:

Transform that energy block into the highest, brightest possible energy, to be used as a positive force for good, so that I am…. (insert new statement).

I do muscle testing and energy clearing statements every morning, because you never know when some event (big or small) will trigger an old memory or old programming.

Here’s my heart space visualization video:


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