“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind that created them.” ~ Albert Einstein

When we are in the middle of drama or chaos, we typically aren’t experiencing the peaceful mind that could move us gracefully through that situation. So, we just keep creating more of the same instead of what we really want – a life filled with peace and happiness.

This is the reason that so often we start off the new year with high hopes, only to have them wane by February or March, and to be totally forgotten until the next year; because all of those bright expectations need a mind that works from that level to bring them into reality.

The Bright Start reading is a reading that focuses on helping you move into the level of thinking to get you where you want to be. It focuses on the energies you are carrying at this moment, because you are highly likely to be carrying them through the next few weeks. The reading will pinpoint the tools to help you enhance the good energies, and release the not-so-good energies, so that your year is off to the brightest start possible.

Bright Start Reading – $20.00


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