Deanna's Botswana Agates

Deanna’s Botswana Agates

Botswana agate is one of the first stones that I ever really felt the energy of. It was sweet, gentle, and made me feel safe as I started my spiritual journey.

Agate, in general, has a very protective energy. It helps to clear the energy field, and I almost always use it when I do an energy healing session. Botswana agate has a strong connection to the higher realms, and can be very helpful in facilitating a connection to angels and guides.

Over the years I’ve found it to be a wise teacher. It carries a very loving, enthusiastic energy, and I just feel more encouraged by the Universe when I carry a piece.

I would highly recommend adopting a Botswana agate to anyone starting their spiritual journey, and looking to enhance their own spiritual learning.


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