When I was 27 years old I hurt my back. That one minor back injury (which healed up nicely, by the way) led to a series of events which steered me off the path of being a data processing assistant and down the path to where I am now: a new thought minister and mom who home birthed two children, then went on to home school them. Yup. All because one morning I strained a muscle.

We all have stories of coincidental encounters that changed our lives. Sometimes they are positive in nature, putting us on the right track to receive love, abundance or healing. Sometimes they are painful, calling us to heal loss and move through challenges. But they all have one thing in common – they are reminders that we are part of something bigger than just our own little world.

The Mystery of Fate, co-edited by Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka, is a series of true-life short stories of people who have had remarkable events (that may have seemed unremarkable at the time) that lead them somewhere unexpected.

One of the stories that sticks with me the most is by Andrea Eberly, and is called “Journey to Healing.” It’s Andrea’s story of her journey to find the career that would bring her the most fulfillment. Through a series of what seem to be normal events and even a couple of synchronicities, she finally arrives a decision that changes her life for the better. This story was a wonderful reminder of how important it is to put our questions out to the Universe!

Several stories have stuck with me, and some of them are bittersweet reminders that though we may suffer loss and grief, the Universe will still work to guide us in the direction of healing.

What is interesting about these stories is that any one of them could belong to any one of us! We all have stories where it seemed fate stepped in to get us to where we were meant to be. What I liked so much about this book is that it is such a great reminder that this happens to us too. Somewhere in our past, we too had a mysterious coincidence that may have changed our life, but we may have refused to acknowledge it.

“Fate is the sum total of all of the trivial events that you never thought would amount to anything and that will affect everything forever.” ~ From the book.

The definition of “Pronoia” is that the Universe is conspiring for your greater good. The Mystery of Fate is a wonderful reminder that we do have a Universe that wants us to succeed, find love and healing, and overcome our challenges.

Someday you may find that your life has taken an unexpected turn, and when you do, may the mystery of fate be clear and loving, guiding you toward happiness.

Deanna received the digital version, at no charge, for the purpose of reviewing.


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