A Soul Traveler’s Guide to Death, Dying, and the Other Side ~ By Robert Moss

What if you were already visiting the realms of the dead and you didn’t even know it?

In Robert Moss’s book, The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead, Robert discusses how, through the simple act of dreaming, we may already be journeying through the lands of our ancestors and visiting with deceased loved ones, and just think it was an interesting dream.

When I was younger, I picked up the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Neither one of them really resonated with me, though I was curious about their ceremonies, and rituals to guide the deceased after death. I found the idea that the soul could become confused, feeling as if it were in a “dream,” and wander through death not evening knowing it was dead.

Then I found The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead. From the minute I started reading, I knew it was going to give me what I’d been searching for: A way to connect with loved ones in the afterlife and trust my journeys there.

The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead is in 3 parts, with 21 chapters (310 pages).

Part one is “Dreaming with the Departed,” and has seven chapters: 1) The Presence of the Dead, 2) Dream Visitations, 3) Thirteen Reasons Why the Dead Come Calling, 4) Night Travels among the Departed, 5) Healing Our Relations with the Dead, 6) Spiritual Release, and 7) Assisting the Imaginations of the Dead.

Part two is “The Poet as Guide to the Other Side,” and has six chapters: 8) A Friend in the House of Time, 9) Through the Muslin Walls, 10) The Bureau of the Spirits, 11) Eminent Victorians Report from the Other Side, 12) Spiritual Gravitation and the Mingling of Minds, 13) Visioning the Western Book of the Dead.

Part three is “Dreaming the Way from Death to Birth,” and has eight chapters: 14) Houses of Death and the Art of Dying, 15) Death and Rebirth through the Goddess, 16) Taking Flight, 17) The Crossing, 18) Way of the Heart, 19) Getting a Life on the Other Side, 20) Active Dreaming to Help the Dying, 21) Soul Choices and Parallel Lives.

There is also an appendix on dream resources and the dream reentry technique.

One of my favorite parts of the book were W. B. Yeats experiences with a medium known as W. T. Stead in the late 1800s/early 1900s. Stead communicated with a deceased friend named Julie.

“She told him that the first big surprise was that people don’t change just because they are dead – at least, not to begin with. Another surprise was her discovery that on the Other Side, people appear as (and experience) what they think and imagine.” From the book – page 152.

After Stead’s own death, he began communicating about life on the other side (through another medium). He said there was no sense of time, and that thoughts are actions and accomplish things there. He also had to learn how to communicate with the living.

The book also has some interesting exercises. One of my favorites was visiting the “dream library” where you can look up anything you want to know, or visit with any teacher or guide. You can also look in your own personal book of life, and view your sacred contract. Here I discovered a few things about myself that I actually had confirmed later when a friend of mine read my astrology chart!

Reading The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead was very comforting because it confirmed things I believed about life on the other side, along with providing new insights. I believe this book is excellent for those, who like me, are curious, but I also believe it would benefit those nearing death, or those who know someone nearing death.

Let’s face it – most people fear dying. But when we can reach a new understanding, or find a way to work through the process, it frees up our energy to focus on what’s important; and that’s living life, fully, in this moment.

Deanna purchased this book with her own funds, and loved it so much, she had to review it!


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