What would a dreamer say about the symbolism of the popular holiday carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas?”

On the first day of Christmas my True Love gave to me:
True Love represents that aspect of ourselves that never buys into the dramas, lies, or outdated belief systems that we love to carry around with us. True Love towards ourselves is understanding, compassion and acceptance.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree
The pear is symbolic of hope, balance and love. The Partridge symbolizes fertility, and reminds us that it takes intent to walk a spiritual path. We can just as easily fall into patterns of addiction and destruction as we can walk a path of truth and light.

Two Turtle Doves
Doves represent peace and harmony. Two of them represent a harmonious relationship.

Three French Hens
Nurturing, mothering, and fertility. The number three represents mind/body/spirit, and optimism and creative expression.

Four Calling Birds
Birds are symbolic of spiritual transformation. A calling bird would be doing something to get your attention. The number four represents foundation and wholeness.

Five Golden Rings
A golden ring is symbolic of commitment and spirit and light. The circle is symbolic of cycles of life. The number five represents change and enthusiasm.

Six Geese a Laying
The goose symbolizes creative expression, good tidings, and harmony. They remind us that childhood stories are important, but it’s also important to realize when old belief systems no longer work for us. A goose that is laying is in the process of creating and nurturing new life. The number six represents responsibility, nurturing, family and community.

Seven Swans a Swimming
Swans are symbolic of awakening and inner power. A swan that is swimming would be tapping into the vast unconsciousness to discover the power of the inner resources. The number seven represents inner reflection, mysticism, and spiritual growth.

Eight Maids a Milking
A maiden is symbolic of virtue, and possibilities. Milking is symbolic of accepting the nurturing, life giving milk of the great mother. The number eight represents power and cosmic consciousness.

Nine Ladies Dancing
The Lady is symbolic of the great mother and motherhood. To dance is to not only enjoy life, but to be in synch with its gifts and pleasures. The number nine represents humanitarianism and service.

Ten Lords a Leaping
The Lord most often represents the father aspect, and the partner and lover to the Lady. To leap is to take a great step forward. The number ten represents independence, self development and new beginnings.

Eleven Pipers Piping
As a musical instrument, the pipe represents harmony and connecting to Spirit. The number eleven represents intuition.

Twelve Drummers Drumming
The heartbeat of the earth is represented by the drum. To drum is to connect to our inner rhythm. The number twelve represents new beginnings, harmonious relationships and optimism.

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