There is a light that shines
Burning bright to guide your way.
There is a song that leads you
As you dance throughout your day.
Your inner map is working,
And your inner guide is clear
On where it is you’re going
And what it is you need to hear.
But timing is essential,
And moments planned so carefully;
So when you step into that moment
You meet synchronicity!

Synchronicities are those magical moments when we just seem to be in the right place at the right time. We see or hear something that is so meaningful to us, it changes our whole day. It’s a divine coincidence that leaves us feeling as if the angels must have guided us to be in that precise moment.

Synchronicity is actually a term that was coined by famed psychologist, Carl Jung, and it means “meaningful coincidence.” It’s a divine orchestration between our life and the lives of those around us to bring us toward our higher good.

Synchronicities happen all the time, but we may not notice it, or we may write it off as a simple coincidence. But in truth it is a divine message that comes from the place where spirit, mind and body dwell as one.

I remember having a dream where a hawk came to me, and left me with the strongest feeling that I was safe and protected – that the Universe was looking out for me. Later that morning as I walked through a park, I found a perfect hawk feather, a sign from the Divine that I was, indeed, being watched over. So much more than a mere coincidence, this encounter left me feeling connected to my Source, and to this day I keep the feather next to my bed as a reminder.

Everyone is meant to experience synchronicities, and the only reason we don’t is because we discount it, or we have disconnected ourselves from our Source.

One of the simplest things you can do is to write down on an index card what it is you are seeking guidance on, then carry the card with you throughout the day. On occasion take it out and read it; reaffirm that you are open to receiving the guidance. Then just be open. The guidance may come in a song you hear on the radio, or in an overheard conversation at a coffee house. Say you are wondering about taking a new job in Arizona, then that afternoon receive a mailer on how wonderful it is to travel to Arizona. I would say that is definitely affirmation that you should at least consider the job in Arizona.

It’s also important to pay attention to the synchronicities. When you experience one, acknowledge it and act on it. The more we appreciate our synchronistic experiences, the more synchronistic experiences we will have.

Synchronicities help us to have more clarity in our lives and help us to attain self-awareness. They boost our creativity, help us to make decisions, and guide us toward opportunities. They can help us to define our purpose for being and bring balance and wisdom into our lives. So much more than coincidences, synchronicities are gifts from the Divine, reminding us that we are loved and meant to live a life of magic and wonder.

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