The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. ~ Sigmund Freud

Symbolic dreams are the most common type of dream. In a symbolic dream, everything in the dream is the dreamer, who is represented by symbols sent from the sub-conscious mind.

Most often we already know what we need to work on or deal with. But the simple fact is that we don’t do it. It may be that we don’t have a clear understanding of the situation, we’re afraid, or we just don’t want to go to the trouble, and feel the situation will fix itself eventually. And often we don’t want to hear the message, especially if it means making life changes. Because making changes does not guarantee happiness, many people would rather deal with a difficult job, or an unfulfilling marriage, than make a decision to turn their life around.

So when faced with the obvious solution, most people just brush it off.

This is where having symbolic dreams can be so helpful. When the sub-conscious mind weaves together a story told in a symbolic language, we are affected at a very deep level. We wake and ponder the dream. If it’s a particularly powerful dream, it may stay with us all day, and we may find ourselves sharing it with friends and asking questions. When we finally understand our dream, we are left with a sense of awe that inspires us into action.

In discovering the hidden meaning of a symbolic dream, we learn great truths about ourselves. We learn about our weaknesses, and how to overcome them. We learn how to heal a broken heart, and follow our soul’s divine path. We learn to understand our fears, and find the courage within us to conquer them. We discover our link to a higher source of wisdom, and know that as long as we breathe, we can learn, because within the symbolic language of the dream are all our secrets, strengths and sources of support.

Dreaming in this symbolic language allows us to discover things about ourselves that we’d never accept on our own. It may be hard to accept our weaknesses and face our fears, but it’s even harder to accept our strengths and admit that we are capable of achieving great things. When we learn to understand the symbolic language of the sub-conscious we can start to accept these truths and express who we are meant to be.


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