Subconscious overload dreams are dreams that seem to make no sense, and are filled with events from our day. Most people believe that the majority of their dreams are just the subconscious mind blowing off steam, when in fact these dreams remain in the minority of dream types.

If you are not sure if your dreams are trying to tell you something, or just releasing the excess energy from your day, here are some tips to help you clarify.

Emotional check
How were you feeling in your dream? Were you sad, worried, or frustrated? The emotional content in a dream will indicate if it’s important to look for any possible meaning. Dreams that are highly emotional in nature usually have a message. This is especially true of bad dreams and nightmares. If you wake from the dream filled with fear or anxiety, it’s important to look at the hidden meaning.

The most common type of dream is the symbolic dream. Ironically, at first glance, they can appear to be subconscious overload dreams (because they don’t seem to make any sense), but they are filled with information that is important to the dreamer. Symbolic dreams will generally leave you feeling as if there is some important secret you are meant to discover, and you may find yourself thinking about the dream throughout the day. To decide if your dream is symbolic or not, first start by writing down the entire dream. Interpret each symbol to see if it has any meaning to you and your current situation. If there is no feeling whatsoever, then chances are it holds no message for you.

We all have days that can be overwhelming, and our dreams can reflect this back to us. When we have a hectic day, and don’t get any time to unwind before bedtime, we may dream a repeat of a situation from that day and wake up the next morning feeling as if we’ve had no rest at all. Take time in the evening to relax the body and mind, and clear your head from the day.

Some subconscious overload dreams happen when we have done something that took a lot of energy, and may be very different from our normal routine – like dreaming of being at the beach after spending the day at the beach. Even though these dreams may not carry a life changing message, they do alert us if we are not taking time to relax and center ourselves before bedtime.


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