If you are pregnant, miscarriage dreams can be very frightening, and you may even worry that it is a bad omen. Even if you are not pregnant, a miscarriage dream can be very upsetting.

Dreaming that you are pregnant most often indicates new ideas or love, creative endeavors, hope, excitement and joy. Miscarriage dreams, however, represent the very opposite; despair, loss of hope or losing something cherished.

So to dream of having a miscarriage may represent having first hope and excitement for something, only to have it taken away. However, miscarriage dreams may have vastly different meanings, depending on whether the dreamer is pregnant or not.

Dreaming of miscarriage during pregnancy
Many women experience anxiety while they are pregnant. Bringing new life into the world is a pretty big responsibility, and most women are faced with not only hormonal fluctuations, but must also deal with the process of releasing control and learning to trust; being pregnant is a completely biological endeavor that must run its own course.

While many women do dream of having a miscarriage, these dreams are not necessarily bad omens, though they can be very frightening. Most often, miscarriage dreams are symbolic of the fears and anxieties that a pregnant woman faces.

If you are pregnant and having dreams where you have a miscarriage, share your dreams with your doctor or midwife, and let them help alleviate your fears. Stress is not good for anyone, especially pregnant women, so understanding the fears behind a miscarriage dream will greatly alleviate any stress related to the dream.

Dreaming of a miscarriage when you are not pregnant
Dreaming of a miscarriage if you’re not actually pregnant may symbolize losing your hold on something that is precious to you. It could be a relationship, a missed opportunity or a creative idea that never reached maturity.

Because pregnancy dreams are often symbolic of our hopes and aspirations, miscarriage dreams can be particularly heartbreaking, leaving us feeling that loss long after the dream is over.

You had a miscarriage
If you’ve had an actual miscarriage, it’s very important to honor your feelings and allow yourself to go through the grieving process.

Whether you’ve had an actual miscarriage, or have faced other losses in life, it’s important to allow yourself to grieve what may have been, and remember that even though something precious may have been lost, there is still beauty to be found. New opportunities and possibilities for love and growth will always be available.


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