Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a trend among people I know, and that’s worry and fear about the state of the world today (but isn’t that always the case LOL).

With gas prices going insane, food prices going up, salaries being cut, and well, you get the idea, it’s no wonder that over all, anxiety seems to be on the rise too.

But I have to admit, that in spite of the craziness happening around me, I still manage to maintain a sense of hope and a very strong belief that things are going to get better much sooner than we think, at least most of the time.

I recently read the “The Moses Code” by James Twyman, and followed it up with “The Greatest Secret of All” by Marc Allen, and both authors had the same thing to say. There’s more to life than flashy possessions, it’s really all about how we can be of service to each other.

I happened to be thinking about this the other day while driving in the car with my kids.

I had a lot on my mind…. I was worrying about my husband’s job – it has been a bit unstable lately, and finances have been tight, and I was thinking about how my back has really been bothering me. I was letting myself drift out of my normally hopeful state, and into a place of worry and fear.

Then my children started arguing. My son decided he was going to keep his little sister from doing something that would upset their Dad. She got mad, he was being bossy, I was frazzled, and that’s when I noticed the car in front of me.

It had a personalized license place that simply stated “GV HOPE.” That was it… that was all I needed in that moment.

I asked my children “why do you think we are here?” Surprised by my question, they stopped arguing to wait for my answer.

“We are here to give hope.”

I asked my son how he could have given his sister hope instead of trying to scare her by threatening that she’d get in trouble.

Then I asked my daughter what she could do to give her brother hope.

They both came up with something sweet and comforting for each other, and then decided that they could give me hope by reminding me that I could go to the chiropractor and feel as good as new.

And there we were… giving hope.

And it was so easy to do. Just when I was in need of hope, I received it by giving it.

In that small moment we changed our world by giving hope.

How many of those small moments are still to come to us, day by day? How many opportunities do we have to give hope and change our world?



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