I first discover Mindy Gledhill through her Christmas CD, Winter Moon. I loved it so much, I decided to get her CD, Feather in the Wind.

Mindy Gledhill has a very feminine, gentle, and sometimes whimsical, voice. She reminds me a bit of the Sundays or Sixpence None the Richer, but I like her music even better!

The songs on Feather in the Wind are very spiritual, without feeling religious, and I found that I really enjoyed all the songs rather than just listening to two or three favorites and skipping the rest. Each song felt like a peek into the soul – each song tells a story of spiritual growth and connection.

Falling and Flying
The first track on this CD is one of the more upbeat tunes. The song is about being authentic, and seeing how much good there is around us.

Both Sides Now
A cover of the 1969 classic by Joni Mitchell, is beautiful and flowing.

A Feather in the Wind
This song reminds me of the mysterious nature inside of each of us. This is one of my favorite songs on the CD.

I couldn’t find the lyrics for this song, but it reminds me of the divine feminine.

This song is sweet and gentle, and whispers of the pain of heartache, and how sometimes, even when it seems safe, it’s still scary to move forward.

You Don’t Define Me
A song about inner strength, and how we are the only one who can truly know ourselves. Those who judge us need to “learn to see, there’s beauty in everything.”

I’m Okay
A bittersweet song about loving someone who cannot return our love.

We Go Round
Fun, upbeat song, and a bit whimsical. I couldn’t find the lyrics to this one, but it feels like it may be about chasing one’s tail.

If I Had no Songs
This is a powerful and beautiful song about who we truly are on the inside – without all the bells and whistles. This is one of my very favorite songs, and as I listen to it over and over, I’m left with the feeling that we truly are all expressions of Spirit.

Long Lost Child
Another beautiful song, that reminds me of that gentle and trusting nature inside of each of us. But sometimes life is painful, and we forget about that magical child that once lived inside of us. I believe this song is about finding that lost part of our soul.

Feather in the Wind is already one of my very favorites, and I listen to it over and over. I feel like it’s a tale of a soul’s journey, through the heartache and pain, to discover beauty and light.

This video feature’s Mindy’s song, Feather in the Wind. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Deanna purchased Feather in the Wind with her own funds.


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