Dreaming of an ex can be a very difficult dream to have.

If it was a bad break-up, and there is residual anger and bitterness, this will make an ex an unwelcome visitor in our dreams.

Sometimes these dreams leave us feeling wistful; we may wonder if we should still be with this person, and we may even fantasize that we have a soul-connection, and see the dream as a sign that they are our soul mate, or are somehow telepathically connecting with us.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, there is much more to these dreams than we may first imagine!

Keep in mind that most often every character in the dream represents an aspect of our own psyche. So when we dream of an ex may actually be the subconscious mind trying to draw our attention to something that we are either needing to bring in to our life, or release from it.

Dreaming of an ex that was a woman may mean there is a longing to re-establish a connection with the nurturing and healing qualities of the feminine divine energy. Dreaming of an ex that was a man may mean there is a need to re-establish a connection with your personal power and creative force.

Is it a recent break-up?
If the break-up is recent, these dreams may not be symbolic, but act as a way for your psyche to start healing. Pain that cannot be expressed in waking life is often expressed through dreams.

Symbolic Connection
Your dream may not actually be a dream about your ex as a person at all, but rather what they symbolized to you. If your ex was a teacher, the dream may be trying to tell you there’s something new for you to learn. If your ex was a police officer, the dream may be about you needing justice in some situation.

Wish Fulfillment
Wish fulfillment dreams are our psyche’s way of bringing us peace and love when real life is not affording us those opportunities.

If you are dreaming that your ex is fulfilling a necessary part of your happiness, ask what it is they are giving you. The challenge is then to figure out how to give this to yourself.

Is it a Telepathic Connection?
This is the question I am asked by nearly every client requesting a dream interpretation that involves an ex. My answer is always the same, “Anything is possible, but let’s look at the dream symbolically first, and see how you feel about it.” Wanting a dream to be a telepathic connection falls under the wish fulfillment category. And where I’d never rule out a telepathic dream, because they definitely do happen, sometimes just to believe a dream is a telepathic connection hurts us more than helps us because we can’t move forward.

If you think your dream was a telepathic connection, ask yourself how that would change anything? And is there any way of verifying it?

In any dream, it’s important to ask yourself how you felt about your ex in the dream. Were you happy about the connection? Did you feel love and support? This may be an indicator that you need a source of love and support in your life. Sometimes even a desire for a spiritual connection can inspire these dreams.

Were you fearful? Did you feel anger or resentment? These may be emotions that need to be released so that you may start the healing process.

Though they can be difficult, dreaming of an ex can also be the catalyst we need to release old hurts so that we may allow love back into our lives.


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