Everything around us has an energy field; people, places and things. And we have our own energy field that generally protects us, but depending on our emotional and physical state, we may be affected by the energy that we encounter on a day by day basis.

You’ve felt it before… you’ve been in a situation where someone really angry and fretful entered your space, and you could feel it, right? It may have felt suffocating, or heavy, and probably made you want to get as far from them as possible!

You may have also felt it when visiting a particular place. Some places may have an energy that uplifts you, and makes you want to visit again and again. Other places may have a solemn, depressing energy that makes you feel drained and depressed.

Our energy field can be weakened by many things; stress, illness, worry, not enough rest, and even a poor diet. A weakened energy field makes us more susceptible to the influence of negative energies, so we want to do our best to keep our energy field strong.

To strengthen your energy field, find a place where you can sit quietly for a few minutes. With your feet on the floor, imagine that that up from the center of the earth streams a gold and green light, and it flows through your feet and throughout your entire body. Imagine this light gently clearing out any negative energies. Then holding your hands out – palms facing outward – imagine this light flowing out of your hands, and surrounding you in an egg of gold and green light. Know that this light will deflect negative energies.

After you’ve practiced this a few times, you can pretty much do it anywhere – and you should! When your energy field is strong and clear, you think with more clarity from a place of Divine Will rather than ego and fear based thinking. And remember, it’s the fear based thinking that keeps us from walking our Soul’s Path.


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