Throughout our lives we have relationships that help us to learn and grow. With each of these relationships we develop an energetic connection that, for good or ill, stays with us.

Some of these connections, also known as an energetic cord, are meant to be permanent; a parent and child, siblings, spouse,  grandparents or other relatives, and even best friends.

But when a relationship has run its course, having this energetic connection may make it harder to let go and move on. The energetic residue left over may actually attract a very similar energy back into our lives. That wouldn’t be an issue if every relationship we had was positive and loving, but let’s face it, some of them are very negative.

Luckily, this energetic connection can be dissolved with a simple cord cutting visualization that will free both you, and the person you had the connection with, so you may both move forward.

Cord removal for a relationship that has ended:

Start with a simple grounding visualization.

Then imagine that Archangel Michael is standing beside you.

Then imagine the person that you want to have closure with standing in front of you. Imagine you see a cord that connects you to them. The cord may connect from heart to heart, or solar plexus. It’s not really important where the cord connects, you may just want to take note as often people will say that they used to have pain in that area and it went away after the cord removal.

The cord may appear as a rope, or chain, and it may be heavy with negative energy.

Now imagine the cord disintegrating and vanishing. You may see a spark of light burn it away. Imagine a bright golden light filling the space between, and filling the space where the cord was once attached.

If the cord does not disappear, ask Archangel Michael to cut it for you. He will do this with his sword. Imagine light healing both you and the other person at the point where the cord was connected.

Say “Thank you,” breathe deeply and enjoy the freedom!

Cord clearing for a relationship that you want to remain in:

Do the visualization above, except ask Archangel Michael to clear and clean the cord with light instead of disconnecting and dissolving.

Both cord clearing and cord removal can be very powerful healing tools, though they may have to be repeated for those relationships that have had a greater impact on us.


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