Stories of the dead haunting the living have been told for thousands of years. But have you ever thought that maybe they just have something to say?

Just because someone crosses over, doesn’t mean that they are released from the cares and concerns of the earthly life they once knew. Many times the dead worry about family, friends and loved ones, or perhaps they have important information to share about their own death, or an upcoming event.

Psychic mediums, such as Allison DuBois from the hit show, Medium, have a gift (whether natural or developed) in speaking with and understanding the dead, but you may not know that the dead are trying to talk to you.

One of the easiest ways for the dead to communicate with the living is through dreaming. When you dream, your subconscious mind is in a state where (as you know) nothing can seem too strange. The dead are free to interact with you. They may just want to spend time with you, or they may have an important message to share with you. They may even be coming to you for forgiveness.

In some instances, the dead may even need your assistance. They may need help understanding that indeed, they have passed over. Sometimes the dead may believe it is they who are dreaming, and feel lost and afraid. They come to the living for comfort, guidance and direction.

Dreaming of the dead is not taboo, nor is it a portent of doom. It simply means they want to communicate or show their support. You, in turn, can allow yourself to be open to what they have to say, and offer your own support and love, or even help them to find peace in their new existence.

Love continues on, and the souls of your loved ones will always care and want to support you through your successes and failures. Through dreaming they are given the opportunity to love you, mend relationships, share information, and ask for their own guidance.

Sweet dreams.


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