Angels are known as messengers of the Divine. Archangel Gabriel gave the message to Mary about the birth of Christ, and recited the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad. An angel appeared to St. John the Divine, in the Essene Book of Revelation, with a prophecy about heaven on earth.

Angels don’t appear for the small stuff. When they come, it’s for something big, so to dream about angels means they have a rather important message. And whether you see angels as symbolic representations of higher consciousness, or spiritual beings of light, their appearance in a dream can be life changing.

Angels may appear in dreams as beings of light or fire, otherworldly beings, or kind strangers or animals (remember entertaining angels unaware). And there will generally be something about the dream that feels different; something will set it apart as very special and very powerful.

People who dream of angels usually say that they have felt supported, and had a strong confirmation that they are on the right track.

Back when I started working with angels, I decided to set an intention to dream of an angel who would work with me on my spiritual path. That night I dreamed that I was given a business card with a drawing of an angel on one side, and the name Metatron on the other.

I woke up feeling very excited, and wondered who this angel Metatron was. I went on the internet to do a search, and sure enough, I found that Metatron was an actual angel and a guide to those on the spiritual path.

“Angels, onto which we have projected our idealized human form, help to make God more accessible and personal.” ~ Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Most often, because of their spiritual nature, dreaming of angels will be connected to something spiritual. Symbolically, dreaming of angels may represent personal growth, and a connection to your higher self.

In the book of Genesis, Jacob wrestles with an angel because he wants a blessing. He struggles so hard that eventually the angel has to dislocate Jacob’s hip. But even in pain, Jacob does not give up and eventually the angel concedes and gives him a blessing. He says to Jacob, “you have proved your strength wrestling with an angel and with man, and have prevailed.” ~ Genesis 32:28

Symbolically, Jacob’s encounter with the angel represents persistence in getting something he wants and moving forward (as the hip represents major decisions). Even though it’s a struggle, and his leg is permanently injured, Jacob does not give up.

Fallen angels may also represent change that requires great effort, or something difficult that you are struggling to overcome.

The appearance of an angel in your dreams is a sign that you can do what you need to do. Whether it’s releasing habits that are not for your highest good, working through difficult challenges, or starting on a spiritual path, angels represent attainment and higher ideals. Know that wherever you are on your journey, you are supported and reminded that the strength you need is always within you.

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