“…we dream to awaken to who we are. And it is the strong dreamers – the shamans – who can heal the wound between Earth and Sky.” From the book – page 68.

When we learn to work with our dreams, and the symbolic language of our subconscious mind, we are privy to information that no one else can access; we open to a world of healing and understanding that we could never get anywhere else.

In his book, Dreamgates, Robert Moss takes us through the strange inner landscapes that make up our dreaming world. Hidden within this world are the answers to the multitude of questions that nag at our consciousness, but even under the best of circumstances, aren’t always easy to understand.

Dreamgates takes a more shamanic approach to dreaming than your typical book on working with dreams would. Rather than just learning to understand symbols, Dreamgates asks you to open to the possibility that when you dream, you have a valid experience. You may enter another dimension, visit with the dead, consult with your higher self, or animal guide, solve ordinary life problems, or have a healing experience.

The book is 395 pages; this includes an index and bibliography. It has four parts (and 17 chapters total); Part 1: A Little Course in Dream Travel, Part 2: Journeying between the Worlds; Part 3: Manual for the Psychopomp and Part 4: The Coming of the Multidimensional Human.

This book is filled with information, history, folklore and exercises for becoming an active dreamer. Some of the chapters were so detailed, that I had to re-read them.

He starts with the basics, so, if you are someone who wants to work more with dreams, he provides clear instructions and exercises. He also gets into more advanced teachings, such as working with those who have crossed over in your dreams, alien encounters, and inter dimensional travel.

There are also a lot of personal stories and dreams from his students, and where I found myself skimming over some of them, there were a few I found helpful.

If you are just looking for a basic book on working with dreams, Dreamgates may be a little information-heavy for you. Though, I would still highly recommend it to anyone who is really serious about doing dreamwork because working with our dreams tends to open us to possibilities – and this book will help to satisfy the desire to learn more.

“The fact that we dream things before they happen does not mean that everything is predetermined.” From the book – page 11.

Dreams have the power to show us things that friends, counselors, doctors and psychics, cannot. Dreams can tell us things about ourselves that are so buried, they can only be presented to us in the most delicate and gentle of ways, because to bombard ourselves with the information could be too much to accept.

Our dreams present us with both the map to find the treasure, and the key with which to open it. Dreamgates is the guidebook for that journey through the inner landscapes and universes where that treasure is safely hidden.

“The gateways to other worlds are already open to you, in the landscapes and images of your remembered dreams.” From the book – page 39.

This book was sent to Deanna by the publisher, at no cost, for the purposes of reviewing.


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