I dreamed I was in a classroom. I was flipping through a book, but didn’t recognize the language. Yet somehow I knew I was learning something. I suddenly remembered that I’d been here before, but always forget on waking. Somehow this morning the classroom floated in my memory.

Symbolically, to dream of school could be your subconscious mind’s way of telling you it’s time to learn from life, or maybe it’s literally time for you to go back to school or learn something new. You may be dreaming of taking a test that you didn’t prepare for, which could mean that in real life there is something you’re not ready for. But dreaming of school can be much more than subconscious messages about your life path.

Dreaming shaman and author of numerous books on dreaming, Robert Moss, believes that when we slip into sleep (and into the dreamtime) we are in another world. In this world we can visit with deceased relatives or friends, experience healing, journey with the poets through the great libraries, and even learn a new skill that we can bring back with us into ordinary reality.

“There are schools, libraries, and academies on the imaginal planes that can be visited by conscious dreamers and are visited by other dreamers who do not remember their experiences but may be influenced by them in their waking lives. Access to these centers of training and instruction is conditioned by your ruling interests, your affinity with those who teach and practice there, and your ability to rise to their level.” ~ Robert Moss – Dreamgates

Belief in a world that exists within the dreamtime is not a new idea. The Senoi people of Malaysia believe that within dreams are the lessons that give confidence to children and wisdom to adults.

The Aborigine people of Australia believe that sacred knowledge is passed to them from the ancestors during the dreamtime, and that all information received through dreams is valid.

I dreamed I was learning about healing. The teacher asked me a question about what we’d learned. I’d remembered that in ordinary reality I’d use the flower essences for healing, but I’d learned here that there was a substance available to use just through intent.

Shamanic practitioners around the world believe that the dreamtime is simply another existence where spiritual beings live. Some may choose to teach and share vital information.

I was in a lab with two other students. We were looking into these heart shaped crystals. There were angels inside. We were very excited about our discovery, and our teacher was very proud of us. He told us it was time to express that discovery in ordinary reality now.

Because of the ethereal nature of the dreamtime, and the delicate weaving of dreams, it can be hard to imagine being in a real dream university. But these otherworldly teachings sink into the subconscious mind, whether we remember them or not, and gently allow us to accept our talents and use our abilities for the greater good.


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