“The best way to get the meaning of a dream is to go back inside the dream and reclaim more of the full experience.” Robert Moss – The Three “Only” Things.

There are many reasons to revisit a dream. Many dreams can seem confusing, and revisiting the dream may help you to have more clarity. Maybe you started a conversation with a deceased friend or loved one, and woke up before you were finished. Maybe you were having a nightmare, and woke before gaining understanding into this deep seated fear. Or maybe it was just a really fun dream, and you’d like to go back!

Children, especially, can benefit from knowing how to go back into a dream.

“That children have bad dreams and nightmares is to be expected. A recurring nightmare, on the other hand, is like a wound never attended to or a problem never dealt with.” Denyse Beaudet, PhD ~ Dreamguider

If they’ve had a nightmare, dream reentry, when supported by a loving parent or care-giver, can help the child to increase their problem-solving abilities, along with boosting confidence in their abilities to handle challenging situations.

Dream reentry is very easy to do, and all you really need is a quiet place, some time, and your dream journal. In fact, because it is so easy (and it feels like daydreaming), many people ignore the benefits of going back into a dream.

Start with some deep breathing, and allow your body to relax.

Decided what you want to accomplish.
Did you want clarification on something, did you need to finish a conversation, or are you facing a fear? Write this down in your dream journal.

Connect with your ally or guardian.
It’s important to have your guardian with you when returning to a dream. They offer protection, and this is especially important for children when they do dream reentry. A guardian can also point out things you may not have noticed, and help you to get clarity.

Choose your dream
At this point, all you need to do is “see” the dream you want to return to; imagine you are back in your dream.

Afterward you’re finished, write down your experience in your dream journal. And remember to give your dream reentry experience as much validity as you would an ordinary dream.

Using the dream reentry technique can provide you with a richer dreaming experience, along with a greater understanding of your own inner workings.

Deanna talks a bit about one of her own dream reentry experiences.


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