As a dream interpreter and spiritual coach, I get many opportunities to work at Healing Arts Faires doing dream interpretations and spiritual coaching.  Most often I’ll share a table with a friend who sells this beautiful handmade jewelry.  It’s always great fun, and gives me the opportunity to meet some really wonderful people.

At one of these faires, a woman came and sat down at my table, and asked me for a psychic reading.  She’d been having dreams of an ex-lover, and wanted a reading about the possibility of a new relationship with him.  I told her I was actually there to do dream interpretations, and I could help her to understand her dream, but that I wasn’t there to give psychic advice.

She told me it was weighing very heavy on her, and she was sure he was trying to connect with her, psychically.  She felt she really needed a psychic consultation, so she left.

A couple of hours later she made her way back over to my table to look at my friend’s jewelry (a piece had caught her eye the first time she came by).  She mentioned her readings (she gotten three because she wanted the confirmation), and how relieved she felt at what the advisors had told her, which was that her marriage was over and indeed, her ex-boyfriend was trying to connect with her psychically – they had a “deep” connection, and were truly soul mates.

I always wince, just a little, when I hear stories like this, because most often our dreams are telling us something about ourselves that we really need to know – not giving us information that we “wish” were true.

I said “So, those dreams of an ex lover were telling you to leave your husband and go back to the ex boyfriend?”

“Yes,” she said as she tried on a fire agate necklace.  My friend, Luna, laughed and said, with just the slightest bit of sarcasm, “oh, I know those dreams.”

I guess this peeked the woman’s interest because she looked at Luna for just a moment, then looked at me and said “what, you think the dream could be something else?”

I had the woman tell me her dream, and, together, we sorted out the symbolism.  This ex boyfriend was actually symbolic of something she was missing, professionally, in her own career (she happened to work in the same field her ex boyfriend did).  True, she felt she and her husband had grown apart, but neither of us saw anything in the dream to indicate a divorce was (or wasn’t) the proper direction for her to go in; but it was an idea she was contemplating.

What I found very interesting was that because the woman was sure this dream was about love, she’d had the psychics focus on her love life, which naturally, when she mentioned contemplating divorce, and dreaming of an ex boyfriend, they drew the conclusion that divorcing her husband and getting back with the ex boyfriend were the next steps toward fulfillment.

I heard from this lady not too long ago.  She found her ex boyfriend on a social networking site, and it turned out to be nothing like she’d imagined (she suddenly remembered why he was the “ex.”)

She did end up separating from her husband.

But she was happy to report that she’d turned her business around, and was experiencing more success, because of the message of that first dream (and then several subsequent dreams that continued to feature the ex boyfriend).

If you feel inspired to have an intuitive reading, but all means, do so (in fact, you can get one from me 🙂 – Angel Readings). I will say that I do far more intuitive readings than dream interpretations, but I believe that to ignore what our dreams tell us is to miss out on a vast wealth of wisdom.

Dreams are filled with messages from your own subconscious; messages that no one else but you will have access to.  Guidance, inspiration and healing are found through the messages of your dreams, which bring with them a deeper understanding of not only the self, but living a life of fulfillment and transformation.


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  1. Patty says:

    I had a dream where there was an ad for a missing child and that people were looking for him but I knew he was dead. It was like i was had happened to the child. I saw the child running out side then he disappeared and the man that had killed him was following the child in the house. That same man tried to break into my house but I put all my weight onto the door so he couldn’t get in. I opened the door and I saw another man with him trying to break in but they couldn’t get in. The next moment I was saw my tax agent and he was asking me about my mothers property and I had told him about it. Then I was walking finding a way to leave were I was and there was a road construction and I was trying to pass but I saw that all the directions were held up so the workers could complete the job but the workers let me pass along with another guy that was in front of me. When I passed the road construction I was at a building and walked in and this lady a psychic asked me to sit down and was telling me about my husband that he was doing his best and it’s better if I returned to him that he wasn’t with me for financial gain but the cards on the table were a lot and i couldn’t understand it all and I asked about another guy and she said he wasn’t for me and I asked why and she couldn’t answer but there were six cards one showed a big cocoin, a dragon, a sun, and an open field but she finished the reading with answering my question. She gets up and says there’s a birthday party and was offering me cake the cake and cupcakes looked delicious and she gave me a piece and it was delicious. There was a lot of cake displayed and she was telling me that she could put in an order for me when I needed it for my wedding. I remember seeing another person eating cake but I don’t think I know that person.

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