Whether dreaming of our own death, or the death of a friend or loved one, dreams of death and dying can leave us a bit shaken. We may wonder if the dream was an omen, and worry for the welfare of the one we dreamed of.

Most often, however, dreaming of death is a message that great transformation is about to touch our lives.

Who died?
The most important question to ask yourself about a death and dying dream is who died? If you dreamed that your boss died, the dream may be trying to tell you that something about your job has to change. If it was your spouse, the dream may be trying to tell you something about your marriage; is it over or does something need to change in order for you to move forward?

Dreaming that loved ones have died are especially upsetting, but again, most often represent something within you that is growing and changing. To dream of the death of a parent may represent stepping into your own power, whereas dreaming that your child has died may represent a loss of power that you experienced yourself at that age.

Dreams of children dying are particularly awful, and may leave you shaken and worried for days to come. But these dreams are actually much more common due to the nature of the parent and child relationship. An infant grows into a toddler, a toddler into a child, and so on. Children crawl, walk, go off to school, make new friends, leave home, and fall in love. Children are in a constant state of transformation and change, and with each change (or stage), the parent has to let go of how the child was, so that they may grow into who they are meant to be. This change can sometimes be difficult for parents, myself included.

Look at the personality traits of the person who died in your dream. The dream may be symbolic of letting go of and/or transforming some of your own behaviors.

How did they die?
If the person in your dream just slowly faded away, the dream may be indicating that change may take some time. However, if they die suddenly, it could be symbolic of sudden change. A violent death may represent difficult change, where a gentle death may represent a more peaceful change to come.

Precognitive Death Dreams
It is not unheard of to dream of the passing of a loved one – especially if they’ve been sick for a long time, and the death is expected. With their passing, loved ones may want to visit and say goodbye, and when they do so in dreams, they have a much better chance of connecting with you than if they try to do so while you’re awake.

Death dreams nearly always point to the fact that we’ve outgrown something, whether it’s a belief system or a relationship– it’s time to change our way of thinking. When something dies it makes way for something new. Transformation is part of life, and sometimes these dreams are just simple reminders that it’s time to let go of the old and move forward.


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