I started studying the law of attraction in 2001 after reading an amazing book by Lynn Grabhorn. A couple of years later, some friends of mine and I decided to form a book club and read this book together and work on our manifesting! And I was shocked and surprised to find out this stuff actually worked! I decided I wanted to “manifest” a truck into my life and I did – in probably a month’s time. 

As I look back over the years, I find I have made things difficult for myself. I am a drama queen, and play the part of the victim fairly frequently. I go through periods where I think the Universe has abandoned me – God doesn’t exist – and my life just sucks because someone is not coming to rescue me.

When I am in my right mind I remember that I’ve made absolutely no effort to improve things (complaining about things doesn’t improve them) and that when I have focused on what I want I have had good things come to pass.

I just need to remember to focus.

And commit.

Anything we want to be good at takes commitment. And focus. We can’t be mad at the Universe when our dreams didn’t come true for us while we were busy playing Freecell or Angry Birds.

So this blog is my commitment to create what I want to create so that I can show others that it’s possible… so that I can show myself.

I commit to creating the life of my dreams.


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