Dreaming of infidelity and cheating can be among the most disturbing of dreams. If it’s your partner who is cheating, you may waken with feelings of betrayal and heartache. If it’s you that is doing the cheating, you may be left with feelings of confusion.

Keep in mind that most dreams are symbolic, and a dream of cheating on someone, or being cheated on, usually represents a deeper need that should be addressed.

Are you the one cheating?
You may want to ask yourself what it is that you need from your partner that you are not getting in real life. Are you uncomfortable asking for your needs to be met, or is your partner unwilling, or unable, to meet them? Is there a lack of connection between the two of you; do you feel you’re drifting apart? Do you feel that you are missing out on something, or are your responsibilities overwhelming you, leaving you little time to nurture yourself?

Are you cheating with someone you know? Are they someone you have fantasized about in real life? Yes, this could just be a wish fulfillment dream, but sex in dreams most often represents a symbolic connection. What are the qualities of the person you are having sex with? Are they qualities you would like to embody? If you dream that you are having an affair with someone who is artistic and playful, it may mean that it’s time for you to embrace your artistic, playful side.

Is your partner cheating?
There may be a chance that you are intuitively picking up on something going on between you and your partner, but remember that most often dreams are symbolic, so dreaming your partner is cheating on you doesn’t necessarily mean they are being unfaithful. You may be feeling a disconnection that needs to be healed, or that your partner is being unsupportive. The feeling of betrayal may be an indicator that you are feeling a loss, or a lack of connection, in your own life. You may be insecure, or fear being abandoned.

Adultery dreams are a sign that something is missing from the dreamer’s life. So often, in real life, when someone seeks to have an affair, it’s simply to avoid a problem they don’t want to deal with. Dreaming of adultery is a warning that an underlying problem needs to be addressed.

Remember that dreams are often catalysts for the healing process. Be honest with yourself about both your relationship with your partner and yourself, and let the healing begin.

Deanna discusses a couple of “cheating” dreams.


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