Sing, sing, sing for the dawning
Sing for the midnight, the moon, and the day!
Sing, sing, sing for the morning
Sing for the glory of Midsummer’s Day!

~ Caitlin Matthews

The Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer, Litha or Alban Hefin (Light of the Shore), marks the longest day of the year and the moment when the sun reaches its northernmost point.

In the Celtic traditions, Midsummer was generally celebrated with much merriment. A bonfire would be lit, girls would wear flowers in their hair, and dancing and singing would generally go on throughout both day and night. It was important to spend as much time outside as possible because the days would again begin to grow shorter as the season waned toward the Winter Solstice.

A very popular holiday among Pagans, you, too, can celebrate Midsummer, and accept the gifts of the sun and the fairy folk.

Create a Midsummer Altar
Midsummer is represented by the sun and the spiral, and is a time to honor green and growing things and relationships. Decorate your altar with sunflowers, yellow stones, or anything that symbolizes summertime to you. Just remember that everything on your altar should have special meaning.

“Give me the splendid silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling.” ~ Walt Whitman

Midsummer is the perfect time to rededicate your energies to your goals and relationships.

Think about your priorities and goals. Have any fallen by the wayside, receiving little nurturing or attention? If a goal is important, it’s time to fire up that passion again, and put energy and love into it. If you find that it’s just not that important, then let it go.

Think about your relationships, and ask yourself if they are still serving you. Do they give you energy, or drain you of energy. Sometimes it’s necessary to let go of those relationships that hinder our growth, but it’s important to be thankful for those that help us to grow! Think of ways you can nurture those relationships that already bring you happiness.

Midsummer friendship bracelets
You’ll need:
Hemp twine – three colors
Optional spiral charms

Take three different colors of hemp, about 24 inches long, and tie them together at one end. Braid strand to about 11 inches, trim as needed. Tie on spiral charm, if desired. Tie on the wrist of a good friend.

Cleansing and Protection
Midsummer is a good time to cleanse yourself of negative energies. This charm can either be carried with you, or used in your home.

Protection charm
You’ll need:
Small cloth bag
Bit of Lavender, Rose and Chamomile

Combine together in the bag on Midsummer morn and recite:
Welcome Sun, warm and bright,
Thank you for your gifts of Light,
Let this charm protect and guide,
Heart and soul in love abide.

The magic of Midsummer is not quickly forgotten, so celebrate and take some time to reflect, and let the magical energies guide your way.


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