Cats are known for their grace. They are nocturnal, and are patient, skillful, hunters.

And depending on your personal point of view, they most likely fall into one of two categories: Favored by the gods or evil consorts of the devil.

Purely Evil
Old Christian folktales proclaimed that the cat acting as a witch’s familiar, was a tool of the devil. To see a black cat meant that evil was afoot, and heaven help you if that black cat crossed your path!

Purely Divine
The Egyptians revered the cat, and may have domesticated them about 3,000 years ago. As it turns out, the cat was quite helpful in controlling the rodent population, so they proved to be valuable members of society.

In Mythology
In mythology the cat has always been strongly connected to feminine energy and the goddesses, including Isis, Set, Bast and Freyja. Because of their nocturnal nature, they were seen as lunar, intuitive, mysterious creatures.

Cats are graceful, elegant, patient, sensual, clever and independent. They can also become easily distracted, though not when focused on their prey, and they are acutely aware of their surroundings. They are sensual creatures, and enjoy comfort, lounging in the sun, and rubbing against furniture, legs, or whatever is convenient for them.

The cat is yin energy to the masculine yang energy of the dog. And most people are pretty divided as either cat or dog “people.” It’s less common to meet someone who could care less either way.

If you are dreaming about a cat, or cats, how you feel about them is very important. Are you a cat person? Do you love cats, or tolerate them? Were they wild cats, or tame? What were they doing? Maybe you dreamed of kittens; small, sweet and vulnerable?

When a woman dreams of cats, she may be receiving a message to connect more deeply with her sensual or intuitive nature, or further her spiritual growth. When a man dreams of cats, it may be a message to connect more deeply with his feminine nature, or his anima, the nurturing, intuitive aspect of his personality.

Whether you adore cats, or merely tolerate them, cat dreams ask you to be more aware of the magic that surrounds you in your waking life; it’s there – sometimes you just need a cat to point it out.

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