Though few people rarely want to admit it, the truth is that most of us, at one time or another have had a dream of going to the bathroom, and wondered what it meant?

Dream expert, Dr. Michael Lennox states in his book, Dream Sight, “somewhere around two years of age in our culture, we come to the most challenging obstacle of our development: toilet training. After sometimes months and months of intense public focus on fecal production, a child gets to do something for the very first time – he or she gets to shut the door.”

And most people continue to shut that door for the rest of their lives, ensuring privacy while they perform one of the most basic functions of the human body.

Going to the bathroom, both number one and number two are second chakra functions. The second chakra, also known as the sacral chakra, rules creativity, power, blame, money issues and integrity in our relationships. This means that generally, going to the bathroom dreams are related to any issues we may be having with those areas.

Dreaming of a bathroom?
Bathrooms are private places, especially in the home. In dreams, bathrooms generally represent privacy.

If you dream of your own bathroom, or a bathroom in a home (homes usually represent the “self”), it more likely deals with very personal issues of healing and expressing creativity.

Public restrooms afford much less in the way of privacy. At least in women’s restrooms, there are stalls – but in men’s restrooms, men are generally lined up, shoulder to shoulder, left to stare straight ahead of them for fear of being accused of “peeping.”

To dream of being in a public restroom may mean you are trying to work through how you feel about your place in the world; your career or relationships outside your immediate family. You may want to ask yourself what you are afraid of having discovered by the general public, or by people who know you, but don’t really “know” you.

Peeping Tom?
Was someone trying to peep at you? Maybe there is someone in your real life who is not respecting your boundaries, or perhaps you fear them getting to know too much about you. Do you have something to hide?

Looking for a bathroom?
If you are searching, yet cannot seem to find a suitable bathroom, it may mean that you are struggling with a means to express yourself.

Is the bathroom clean or dirty?
A clean bathroom may indicate you are ready for the next phase of growth. A dirty bathroom may indicate that you still have some cleaning up to do.

Is the toilet plugged or overflowing?
Urine and feces are wastes that the body no longer needs. In dreams this can represent emotional wastes that are no longer needed. The plugged toilet may represent difficulty letting go, or releasing, old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Are you bathing?
Dreaming of water is usually calling attention to emotional, subconscious issues. And just as in real life bathing is a cleansing act; it also represents cleansing in the dreamtime.
Murky water may mean that you have a block to moving forward. Clear water may represent that you are experiencing more ease with your emotional and creative growth.

Creativity and integrity are two very important expressions of a healthy mind and soul, so if bathrooms have been haunting your dreams, take some time to reconnect with your spiritual self through journaling, getting out in nature, dancing, or any other activity that brings you closer to your Source, and enhances your creative skills.


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