Astrology Reading Cards artwork by Richard Crookes

Your Personal guidance from the Stars
written by Alison Chester-Lambert and illustrated by Richard Crookes

I have always been very interested in astrology. The trouble is, even after taking two courses in astrology, I still didn’t have the slightest idea of how to approach it, so I generally have to rely on a friend of mine, who is an astrologer, to answer my questions.

Then I received a copy of the Astrology Reading Cards.

The Astrology Reading Cards are a 36 card oracle deck that consists of 12 house cards, 12 planet cards and 12 zodiac sign cards. It also comes with a book that explains how to use the cards, and the meaning of each card. The book and card deck fit in a lovely display box that has a cardboard cut-out to hold the deck in place.

Astrology Reading Cards artwork by Richard Crookes

The author of the Astrology Reading Cards is Alison Chester-Lambert, and her writing is very clear and informative. The artist for this deck is Richard Crookes, and the illustrations in this deck are simply spectacular. Each card features the name of the planet, house or zodiac sign, then has a phrase to describe it.

Mercury – How you think, communicate, write, talk and travel.
The Tenth House – Your achievements and status in the outside world.
Scorpio – This energy is intense, masterful, thoughtful and magnetically charming, but also secretive and possessive. ~ from the book.

The cards are a nice, flexible, cardstock, and very glossy. They are a little larger than your average oracle card, so I found them a little difficult to shuffle. I ended up turning them sideways.

Astrology Reading Cards artwork by Richard Crookes

I had three of my best girlfriends over one day, and we spent hours playing with these cards. And every reading was so eye-opening, informative and accurate. I have to admit, where I am a collector of oracle cards, I don’t ever remember having so many “ah ha” moments with a deck before.

Working with these cards is not the same as getting an astrological reading. If you visit an astrologer, they tell you what is influencing you by looking at a map of your life in a moment of time. When you use these cards, you are seeing how these energies influence you in a more intangible way, as with any oracle deck. This makes the cards valuable, whether or not you have their actual energies influencing your chart.

What I love about these cards is that you don’t have to know a thing about astrology to understand what they are saying to you, and in playing with them I feel I have learned so much about astrology! I’m so happy and comfortable with these cards, I’ve actually started using them with clients in my soul coaching sessions.

This deck is easy to work with, and beautiful to look at, and I would highly recommend it to anyone, whether you are a collector, or someone who is looking for answers to some of life’s difficult questions.

Deanna received the Astrology Reading Cards from the publisher, Findhorn Press, at no charge, for the purpose of reviewing.


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