Divine Guidance for Personal healing and Spiritual Discovery
by Meredith L. Young-Sowers

“Your spirit seeks to draw you into an awakened state, because this is all that it knows.” From the book ~ page 128

I wholeheartedly believe that we are constantly surrounded by divine energy. Everywhere we look, there are the answers to those pressing questions, we just have to be able to open our eyes and see.

Sometimes though, we get so stressed, it’s hard to be open to receiving divine guidance. It’s at these times I like to use my angel cards.

The Angelic Messenger Cards, by Meredith L. Young-Sowers, are a little different than your typical angel cards. They feature photographs of flowers and plants rather than artistic renderings of angels.

I thought this was a bit weird at first. After all, I just got Angelic Messenger Cards and expected pictures of angels.

“I recognized the hand of guidance that comes to us in many forms ~ but often in the simplest and most exquisite form, flowers.” From the book ~ page xii.

Then I realized! Angelic messengers. Something working to bring messages from the angels. And many of us have already done that. Just when we need a message of comfort, we see a penny, or a white feather, and are sure it was our guardian angel coming through for us.

This is a 48 card deck, and this includes 6 wild cards, which are 2 Abundance cards, and 4 Divine Guidance cards.

The cards are divided into six categories; Reflection, Partnership, Integration, Alignment, Rejuvenation and Nourishment. The book itself is a lovely, glossy, soft cover at 214 pages, and includes a detailed description of each card. Each card has four aspects; Present Challenge, Angelic Message, Spiritual Opportunity, and Application. She also gives several layouts, and detailed instructions on beginning a spiritual journey with the cards.

The cards and book are packaged in a cardboard box that will fit nicely on a bookshelf.

The cards themselves are thin, flexible and slick, and done with a matte finish. They shuffle pretty easy, and I’ve yet to notice any peeling. Every card is a photograph of a flower, except for two, which look more like leaves. There is also a keyword printed on each card, which makes getting a quick message easy if you don’t have time to read the four page description from the book.

The first reading I did was for a girlfriend, and she said it was right on! So I did a reading for myself, which was also right on!

I asked the question, What can I do to make things better between myself and my husband?

I drew the cards 25 – Challenge and 17 – Power.

The basic message from the book was this:

“You are being called to finish up old business, both physical and spiritual, in order to move forward with your life physically and spiritually.” From the book ~ page 136.

“Inner power is resilient, it is expressed as empathy for other living things, and it comes forth as nonjudgmental grace.” From the book ~ page 104.

Now honestly, this isn’t even the tip of the ice berg, but what it showed me, reminded me, was that the power of loving unconditionally is really our greatest gift. When we love, not because of, but in spite of, we change how others respond to us. My husband, who had been having a very difficult time, did indeed, respond to my attitude change by changing his attitude too.

“Run all choices past your deeper intuition rather than your mental programming.” From the book ~ page 138.

This is not the kind of deck you’d want to ask questions like;

“Does Jimmy want to go out with me?” or,

“Is Roger cheating on me?” or,

“Should I move to Florida?”

These cards call you to tap into your own intuitive faculties, and be willing to heal at a spiritual and emotional level.

To ask questions like:

“What can I do to allow the power of love to flow into my life?” or,

“What can I do to heal my jealous heart?” or,

“What can I do to allow myself to more clearly hear the messages of guidance from my soul?”

The Angelic Messenger Cards remind us that the angels take many forms; feathers, pennies, flowers, a song playing in the background and even the words in a book. Divine guidance is always surrounding us, is always a part of us. Sometimes we just need a little reminder, and this deck offers those reminders through inspirations from the angelic kingdom via the realm of the flowers.

Deanna received the Angelic Messenger Cards from the Publisher, at no cost, for review purposes.


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