The element of air is the guardian of the direction of the east, and represents the intellect and the way we think. Air comes in many forms; as a tornado, it’s a fierce, destructive force. As a gentle zephyr, it’s playful and spirited. This directly represents our thought processes, which can be fierce and destructive, or playful and constructive.

Air represents new beginnings. When we are born into this world, the first thing we do is take a breath, and with this breath start our new life here on earth. As a symbol of re-birth and renewal, the air element rules the rising sun; the moment we wake to start a new day, and the springtime when all things are renewed.

Air is the ruler of communication, and the planet Mercury. In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, and was known for his speed of delivering communications. Air is also the element of the great archangel, Raphael, who can be called upon when inspiration is needed.

The hearth, home and prosperity of the family are also ruled by the air element as these things are related to how we think and communicate. When we think and communicate with loving-kindness, the energy of the home is inviting and prosperous. If we are thinking judgmental or unkind thoughts, this changes the energy of the home to an unwelcoming and destructive energy.

Air, as a force, is changeable and unpredictable. It can represent our ability to go with the flow, and change our mind at a moment’s notice.

The animal spirits of the air are the birds, which represent the power and speed of thought. They can glide smoothly on the air currents, or change course without hesitation. They are unaffected by the winds of change, and simply alter their course when needed.

Air is also associated with the sense of smell. Incense or aromatherapy oils stimulate or sooth the mind, bringing inspiration and peace.

The musical instruments that are symbolic of air are the woodwind instruments.

The professions that are ruled by the spirit of air are those centered in service, communication, philosophy, and healing: writers, ministers, public speakers, holistic healers, doctors, teachers, and those in the service industry.

Through our breath, we connect with the spirit of air. As we inhale, we think on our desires, and as we exhale, we release them to the universe.

When we connect with the spirit of air, we see the world with an honest heart, and allow ourselves to flow with change.


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