An abortion is a purposeful ending of a pregnancy. And though a woman may make the choice to have an abortion, it’s generally a difficult decision surrounded by mixed emotions of relief and loss that may be followed later by guilt or regret.

Abortion dreams typically symbolize making the choice to “abort” a creative endeavor, or choosing one thing of value over another, and may reflect that same sense of relief and loss.

The feelings during an abortion dream are very important indicators about the meaning of the dream. If there is a sense of relief, it may be that the dream is symbolizing letting go of something that is overwhelming or something you no longer want or need in your life.

If the feeling in the dream is of despair, it may be that the dream represents aborting something that is very close to your heart, yet you feel you have no choice but to let it go.

If a pregnant woman dreams of an abortion, it may indicate either a desire to end an unwanted pregnancy, or symbolize the anxiety about taking on such a big responsibility. It may also symbolize feelings of being unsupported during a very anxious time.

If the dream is about a partner who is pregnant, again, the meaning of the dream hinges on your feelings in the dream. If you dreamed your partner had an abortion against your wishes, it may indicate feeling out of control. If you are relieved, the dream may be a reflection of your desire to be free of the responsibility.

Sometimes people will feel guilty about having an abortion dream, so it is important to remember that if you dream you, or someone you know, has an abortion, it’s not about being pro-choice, or pro-life, and does not necessarily reflect any personal moral code of ethics. Abortion dreams most often indicate a need for healing somewhere in your life, especially if you have ever had to choose between two things that were very important to you.

This type of dream can be a very powerful catalyst for healing. Most everyone has had to make a choice at some time in their life that they’ve felt bad about, but they believed to be the right thing for them in that moment. Sometimes we have to decide to move forward with confidence in the decisions we’ve made. What is important is to realize that sometimes we have to let things go, forgive ourselves, and keep moving forward.


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