Autumn is a season of little miracles. One day you notice that the early mornings are so cool you need a sweater, and the leaves have suddenly turned to gold and red. Change is in the air and you can feel it.

However, change so often can seem scary, and overwhelming. So many people struggle against it; digging in their heels to stay in the familiar and the known.

Southern California mystic, Jennifer Hawley-Zechlin, said in a recent sermon, “we are taught to desire permanence, but as the autumn leaves show us, this isn’t the way of nature. The natural world is in a perpetual state of rebirth and renewal.”

In a way, the season of autumn is the start of a new cycle. Summer is so filled with action and movement, that when autumn arrives, it’s as if the world stops to catch its breath.

Even many ancient cultures saw the coming of autumn as the end of the year. They hurried to bring in the harvest, and then celebrated the gifts they’d received. Autumn was a time to reflect and give thanks. Then the wheel turned, and they started over again.

Change is a constant. Whether it’s scary or exciting, change always seems to bring with it a feeling of apprehension. And change will happen in spite of all your best efforts to stay the same.

And though change is happening all around you, you can also take this time to stop, take a breath and reflect on your own life; the gifts, the difficulties, and how both can act as tools for your spiritual and emotional growth.

Create Sacred Space
Declutter and clear out any unwanted or unnecessary items. Those items, as you know, don’t make you feel good. If something in your personal space makes you feel less than happy, let it go. A clear space will help you to handle change with more ease.

Design an Altar
An altar is simply a space to remind you of your blessings and your connection to a higher power. At this time of year decorate it with autumn leaves, acorns, a favorite inspirational book, or book of prayers. Scented candles or incense also add to the vibes of your space!

Keep a Gratitude List
Sometimes the changes happening may be in direct opposition to what it is you want, but you find there is nothing you can do about it. When going with the flow is your only choice, keeping a gratitude list can help ease that transition. Every morning and every evening write out ten things you are grateful for. Try not to repeat any gratitudes and see how creative you can get.

Create a Vision Board
Vision boards are all the rage right now, and for good cause. They help you to get on track and in synch with where it is you want to be!

The miracle of autumn is the reminder that though the leaves may turn red, and then fall away, the tree remains. And in the springtime it will again bud and bloom and become full again.


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