Anytime is a good time to give thanks. Those who regularly count their blessings find they have more blessings to count than woes. And for good reason, feeling gratitude raises your vibration.

“All things vibrate, and they vibrate at their own frequencies.” Dr. Masaru Emoto ~ The Hidden Messages in Water

Gratitude has a high vibration, where the opposite, which is complaining, has a very low vibration. You’ve heard the old saying “like attracts like?” That’s actually a law of physics, which states “that which is alike, unto itself is drawn.”

This means that whatever frequency you vibrate will come back to you.

Feeling gratitude then, according to the law of physics, will bring an equal vibration back to you. So if you are feeling blessed, you become more blessed. If you are thankful, you’ll have more to be thankful for.

And, according to a study done by Robert Emmons at the University of California, as an added benefit, feeling grateful helps you feel better physically, and will also boost your immune system.

“Feelings of gratitude release positive endorphins throughout the body, creating health.” Sharon Huffman

Having trouble feeling gratitude? Expressing gratitude is just a habit that anyone can acquire. Reverend Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City says “it’s important to focus on what we want in our lives rather than putting our attention on what we don’t want… complaining is focusing on what we don’t want.”

If you find yourself complaining, you will most likely discover that you keep finding more things to complain about. Again, here is the law of physics in action; like attracts like. If you can find one thing to complain about, you can find a hundred.

“When we complain, we may gain the benefits of attention or sympathy. We may also avoid having to do something that causes us to stretch.” Will Bowen ~ A Complaint Free World

Complaining is just a bad habit, which you can change, like any habit. By practicing gratitude, you’ll feel better and change the way you see the world. With gratitude you see the beauty and possibilities, and move into a life of thanks living.


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