Let me start this review with the statement that I assumed I’d be very biased when I heard Taylor Swift had a Christmas CD out. I became a fan of Ms. Swift through my daughter, who along with millions of tweens around the country, loved the sweet song, “Love Story.”

Then I got a look at the songs on this CD:

Last Christmas
Christmases When You Were Mine
Santa Baby
Silent Night
Christmas Must Be Something More
White Christmas

Okay, so I first assumed I’d love this CD just because it was Taylor Swift. But after looking at the playlist, I made the assumption that I wouldn’t care for it.

Last Christmas, the first song on the CD, was originally performed by George Michael of “WHAM!” fame back in the 80s. I never liked this song. Ever. I’ll change the radio station, or turn it off, if this song comes on. Sorry folks, a George Michael fan I’m not.

However, Taylor’s version is rich and warm, and I found myself liking it right from the start! Honest, I didn’t have to even get used to it – I just loved it right away. She comes across as authentic and vulnerable. The music is full, upbeat, and bouncy enough to dance to (or walk to if you’re an early morning walker, like I am.) Along with her lovely vocals, and warm guitar, Christmas style bells make the song one of my favorites on the CD.

Christmases When You Were Mine is the second track on the CD, and it’s a Taylor original. It’s a tender, bittersweet song about a Christmas without someone we love, and features a gentle acoustic guitar.

Santa Baby is the third song on the CD, and again, I found myself taken by surprise. I didn’t care much for the song when Earth Kit sang it, and I managed to like it even less when Madonna covered it (and I’m a Madonna fan). Taylor’s version is fun and upbeat, and the music is cheerful and energetic.

Silent Night is the fourth song, and one of the most overdone, over sung Christmas carols ever, in my opinion. However, it manages to remain a holiday favorite, and I would be remiss to think people were as tired of it as I am. This track was the first to feature the more “Christmasy” sounding instruments, but only at the beginning of the song. The vocals are bright and warm, and she veers off the traditional melody to make this song very much her own; a lovely non-traditional version of a timeless classic that even I love to hear over and over.

Christmas Must Be Something More is the fifth song on the CD, and the second song to be written by Taylor. It’s also fun and upbeat, and I really like that it asks the questions:

What if ribbons and bows didn’t mean a thing
Would the song still survive without 5 golden rings
Would you still wanna kiss without mistletoe
What would happen if God never let it snow
What would happen if Christmas Carols told a lie
Tell me what would you find?

It’s a beautiful and inspiring song about the true meaning of Christmas.

White Christmas is the last song on the CD, and is a very country-fied version of this Irving Berlin favorite. This is the only song on the CD that I thought didn’t surpass the original version, however, it does hold a very strong second to one of my favorite holiday crooners, Mr. Bing Crosby.

Overall, I have greatly enjoyed this CD, and probably will for years to come. I thought it lacked a little on background vocals and harmonies, and it only features six songs (come on Taylor, there were easily another six you could have added for us fans!)

Taylor Swift’s Holiday Collection is truly inspired, and done in true Taylor Swift fashion. I greatly enjoyed her two originals, and thought her covers of the other four songs were absolutely charming. With her lovely vocals, and the rich sounds of her acoustic guitar, this would be a great addition to anyone’s Christmas music library.

Deanna purchased this CD for fun.

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