There have been many times over the years when I have stopped to ask the question “Is there really someone there looking after me?” “Is there a God?” “Can you hear me??? Are you there?”

And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

How many times have you gone through a difficult period only to find yourself doubting in a Higher Power and instead lamenting over the difficulties you are facing? How many times have you found yourself feeling totally disconnected and alone? How many miracles do we have to witness before we can totally trust in the Divine? How much magic must fill our lives for us to totally let go and believe? These are questions I still ask myself, even after 20 years on a spiritual path.

Then early in the summer of 2005 a miracle came into our lives in the form of a 12 week old black Labrador mix puppy named Buffy. After only a few days our playful puppy got sick, and a trip to the local vet confirmed she had parvo virus, a virus known to be deadly to puppies. The vet took her into quarantine to provide an aggressive treatment that would save her life.

After two days I went to visit Buffy and she was extremely excited to see me. And I was very excited to see that she was making such great progress. My children were so worried about her and impatient to have her come home. When I was done visiting with her and I stepped out of the quarantined area she started to howl for me. I could hear the loneliness in her crying and it broke my heart. I knew she didn’t understand what was going on, and that we had to leave her there because it was for her very highest good. So there I stood, on the other side of the door, so close to her, silently cheering her on. She didn’t know that I was just a few feet away and wanted more than anything to just rush in there and comfort her. She couldn’t understand that the wonderful veterinarian staff was providing the very best care to get her healed as soon as possible. And she’d never know just how much my children and I wanted her to return home safely. All she knew at that very moment was isolation and loneliness.

We have all experienced loneliness and the feelings of abandonment. What we don’t necessarily remember though is that right on the other side of the “door” there is someone silently cheering us on…. someone who wants us to feel comforted and who loves us dearly. We have our dreams, our intuitions and synchronicities to give us messages from the other side of that door. All we need to do is remember to trust in them.

As for Buffy, she is a very healthy and happy member of the family who enjoys teaching us lessons in patience and love.


2 Responses to Remembering to Trust

  1. Joe K says:

    Pets are like Zen Masters. Those of you who have dogs or have had one in the past, observe their daily behavior and think of what they can teach you: they love to play, they are real friends, take praise in stride, listen deeply even if they don’t understand, forgive easily, rejoice in small pleasures, travel lightly, ask for help, don’t bite when a growl will do, take criticism without resentment, don’t mind being the butt of the joke, don’t compare themselves to others, don’t get stuck in the negative, patient, happy with the simple life, scratch where it itches, good judge of character, know their limits, don’t care about breed, are compassionate. (These ideas are from a book called What Your Dog Can Teach You). – JK

  2. Deanna says:

    Joe, this reminds me of the book “Guardians of Being” by Eckhart Tolle 😀 I can definitely say my dog is a zen master. She has taught me so much especially in the realm of patience :::grin:::

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