I recently watched a movie called “Skyline.”  It was about aliens taking over the Earth, and basically harvesting humans so they could eat their brains.

I was so irritated at this movie!  I ranted (for what seemed like hours) to my friend, Luna, about how terrible it was (though the special effects were actually quite fabulous).  I even had nightmares after watching it.  Now normally I’m quite a fan of Sci Fi (even the cheesy stuff) so I wondered where this feeling of irritation came from.

Then I realized that it wasn’t because it was a cheesy movie about aliens (I loved Independence Day).  In Skyline there is absolutely no hope of overcoming the alien invasion.  The brain eating aliens would get your brain; there was no getting around it.  They’re bigger, scarier, and hungry for brains.

I hated this movie because it left me with a feeling of hopelessness.  And we, as human beings, have to have hope to survive.

Hope is what moves us forward and allows us to believe in possibilities.  Without hope there is only darkness and despair.

We are richly blessed; even when money is tight and our future seems uncertain, there is still always hope.  Even with relationship difficulties, job insecurity, war and sickness, there is always hope.

Because no matter how bad things may get, at least we don’t have to worry about brain-eating aliens coming to eat our brains!


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  1. Victor Wedel says:

    Hi Deanna, is this a word-press blog… I like what you did, especially about the Angels and Dreams! Very cool… Victor

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