Herkimer Diamonds are stout, double terminated quartz crystals, with an incredible clarity.

They are an excellent stone for helping to stay focused in the moment; whether it’s a complex task or the act of meditation, Herkimer Diamonds are all about being present.

Herkimer Diamonds are also powerful energy healers. They can clear negativity from the aura and balance out the energy field. They make great stones for protection if you find yourself in a situation where you have to work with someone with a negative energy.

They also make excellent stones for dream workers. They help the user not only remember dreams, but empower any intentions set before dreaming. This is very beneficial if you want to receive guidance during the dreamtime, or plan on astral traveling.

They are also unique in that in addition to their qualities, they also empower not only stones, but any intentions you desire to work with.

If it’s your desire to strengthen a relationship, or to move forward with your career, set your intention for these things, then allow the Herkimer Diamond to empower those intentions. I like to write my intention on a small slip of paper and carry it with my Herkimer Diamond in my medicine bag.

Because of their versatility, they make powerful allies. They never need to be “programmed.” Just ask, and then receive; let your Herkimer Diamond inspire you and see what transpires. You won’t be disappointed.

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