Aventurine is a sparkly stone that feels both earthly and cosmic at the same time.  Its sparkle comes from particles of mica or hematite, and as a psychic protector, it allows for the expansion of psychic awareness.

Aventurine helps you to see past any critical judgments you may have about another person and into their soul, and allows for a fuller capacity to love others unconditionally.  It also helps you to see into your own heart, helps to relax the chaotic mind and encourages contemplation.

Aventurine comes in many colors, and each color carries a specific energy.

Green Aventurine is considered a stone of luck and prosperity.  It also clears and activates the heart chakra, and guides one in matters of love.  It also kindles a sense of adventure and enthusiasm in new projects.

White Aventurine is a stone for spiritual growth, and clears and activates the crown chakra.  It provides for clarity during meditation, and allows one to more easily access information from the soul.

Pink Aventurine is a stone of balance.  It helps one to see the nuances within relationships, and helps to heal disappointment when your expectations in another fall short.

Blue Aventurine opens the third eye, and helps to enhance psychic abilities.  It allows clarity of thought, and encourages you to tap into your own innate power and leadership abilities.

Truly a versatile stone, Aventurine allows the connection between the cosmos and the heart, and the spirit and mind, and encourages living a life filled with enthusiasm and compassion.

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