Aromatherapy is the art of using the essential oils of plants to heal both the body and spirit. There are many benefits of using aromatherapy; they not only help facilitate healing in our physical bodies, but they also ease emotional hurts in our mind and spirit.

I have been working with essential oils since the early 1990s, and have always had wonderful results with them. I use them with my clients, and with myself and my family.

I have found over the years that essential oils can be especially beneficial for the creative soul. Many times creative people will feel blocked due to a difficult work environment, or because of pressure at home. Too many of us look at creativity as a luxury, or at the very least, a pleasant diversion, when in fact, creativity needs to be nurtured for our lives to actually work well for us. When we aren’t allowed to be creative, it becomes much more difficult for us to deal with stress!

One of my most powerful experiences with essential oils happened one day as I was shopping for some oils at a local health food store. I picked up a bottle of Texas Cedarwood and inhaled the deep earthy aroma of one of my favorite trees. Suddenly tears came to my eyes and I felt as if I were going to start sobbing. I realized that this deeply grounding oil had just released a huge energetic block. I had been feeling very stressed, but had not been able to take time out center myself again.

I bought it, and worked with it over the next few days by putting a bit on the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands. After my initial treatment I felt better, but after three days I felt remarkable!

Essential oils can be used for just about anything. I’ll go over the best ones for creativity and inspiration here!

Though not one of my top ten favorite smelling oils, it is very powerful when it comes to dealing with things like work upset, stress, anger and grief. This is also a great oil for those who tend to be empathic.

I love this one when I feel like I need motivation. Sometimes I have days where I just want to flop my self in front of the TV, and the cinnamon gets me moving again.

One of my favorites. This spicy oil protects us from absorbing the negative emotions of those around us. I also like using it on my kids when they are worried about nightmares.

The all around perfect oil! It’s great for mood, and especially great for relaxation – though be careful to use this in moderation. I’ve gotten a bit overzealous with this one and ended up getting a bit too amped up! This one is also yummy when mixed with the Cedarwood. My kids love this one too, so for them, I mix it in a spray bottle filled with water, lavender added till we can smell it.

This is one of my all time favorites! Not only can it help with headaches (I carry it in my purse for this reason) but it clears the mind and refreshes the spirit. I frequently use peppermint when I’m writing and have found it to be very helpful.

Another fabulous one for inspiring creativity! This is a mood lifter that clears the head and allows one to think. I like to use it with the peppermint.

This oil promotes a sense of ease and inner peace and confidence. When I feel like I need a bit of encouragement, this is one of my favorites.

Another oil of emotional support – I like to mix this with sandalwood. It seems to give me that extra little feeling of “YES I CAN DO IT!” Also very beneficial for children. My kids love it.

Texas Cedarwood
A favorite for grounding when I feel scattered. I like to use this when I feel that I have too many ideas, and can’t focus on one thing in particular.

Ylang Ylang
I like this for those times when I want to relax with something creative – like reading or coloring or painting.

When using essential oils, it’s a good idea to first put a bit of olive or vegetable oil in the palm of your hand (the size of a teaspoon) then add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils. You also probably want to test for an allergy first – and you can do this by trying a bit of the mix on a tiny area of skin. Some people can tolerate putting the essential oil straight on the skin – but be aware that it can possibly cause a rash or tenderness on the area. Though I’ve never had this trouble in the many years I’ve been using them. Just to be safe, always check with your health care professional before using essential oils.

I also like to put my essential oils in an essendulum (see the picture below). Then I can wear it around all day, and just take a quick whiff when needed.

Essential oils are fairly inexpensive, but their benefits are priceless. They promote relaxation and support a creative and inspirational flow of energy. I wouldn’t want to be without them!


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