Yes, I belong to one of the biggest social networking sites around:  Facebook.

Unlike many of my Facebook friends, it took me a long time to start reconnecting with some old friends I haven’t seen in many, many, years.  Why?  Because I thought if we were meant to remain friends, we would have remained friends. 

We all change and grow.  I reconnected (briefly) with my old best friend from high school 13 years after graduation.  She was so different, and I was probably just that different too.  I found myself face to face with a girl I once shared all my secrets, joys and tears with, and all I could think of was how uncomfortable I was now simply being in her presence.   I was actually having dinner with a total stranger, and there was no common ground between us.  She was not someone I would EVER choose to be friends with now.

I always thought it would be easy to be friends again… but it’s not.

How is it that we can once care so deeply for someone, then it’s just gone?

I would guess that my old best friend and I were always very different from each other, but back then it didn’t matter.

Maybe lasting friendships are about looking past the expectations, and just seeing into the heart of each other.


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