You are doing better than you think you are. — Alan Cohen

There are many things that bring me great pleasure. I love being a mom, and I love getting into metaphysical discussions with my friends. I love that I have friends. I love Teeccino brewed herbal coffee with Starbucks mocha powder. I love taking pictures with my Palm Pre, because now I just take them all the time. I love reading, and I love holding a stone in my hand when I read. I love that sometimes I fall asleep with my glasses on and my book leaning on my chin, and my husband will gently put them on the nightstand when he comes to bed.

I also love singing. I love writing. And I love speaking. I guess I could be called a performer, but that’s not actually what it feels like to me. It feels more like I’m sharing a part of my heart and soul when I speak. I don’t do wild hand gestures, or practice how I walk back and forth. I tell a story, and try to be inspiring. Usually the story is about how I did something insane (or stupid) and how my higher self got me out of it.

When I write music, that’s also a part of me, and it’s about something I’ve gone through. It’s about healing pain, finding love, finding myself, and even finding a way home again after I’ve been wandering.

It’s what I love.

There are other things I do. But what I’ve found is that even the boring stuff is a means to an end to get to do the stuff I love.

I express what I love, because I’m supposed to.

What I love is what I do. It’s who I am.


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