Numbers carry a vibration, just like color and music, and each number represents a particular energy. If you tend to see the same number over and over, you may want to look into the vibration of that particular number, or combination of numbers.  Like dreams symbols, numbers often carry an important message about your journey, and close attention should be paid to those numbers that keep popping up.

Basic Meanings

1 – Beginnings, the start of a new journey, leadership, independence
2 – Harmony and connecting, building relationships, working together, cooperation
3 – Creativity, imagination, positive thinking, optimism
4 – Foundation, building, working toward something, endurance, sincerity
5 – Transitions, new way of thinking, freedom, change
6 – Nurturing, family, love, being of service
7 – Learning, research, spiritual growth, wisdom, solitude, meditation
8 – Power, success, wealth, authority
9 – Transformation, spiritual consciousness, unconditional love, global awareness, endings


1 – Low self esteem, doubt
2 – Lack of independence, indecisiveness
3 – Scattered energies, problems communicating
4 – Inflexibility, restriction
5 – Materialistic, lack of focus on talents
6 – Unrealistic, sacrificing, nothing left to give, difficulty loving self
7 – Difficulty maintaining relationships, isolation
8 – Consumed by material wealth, dominating, bossy
9 – Possessiveness, intolerance, unsympathetic

11:11 is a very common number to see, most likely because, as a 1, it indicates a new journey, and can be a call to pay attention to the synchronicities that will get you started on that new path.

3:33 has a deep connection to the occult. In paranormal circles, 333 is associated with demons. It has also been connected to a being known as Choronzon, who is the “Dweller in the Abyss.”

From a numerological perspective these can easily be true. Think about the feeling you get when you are faced with great change and the unknown. Confronting your fears (standing at the abyss) is one of the greatest challenges a person can face, and it is here, most often, that the faint or weak-hearted turn back the way they came rather than move forward through the unknown. Have you ever turned down anything, not because you didn’t want it, but because you were afraid? This is standing at the abyss.

The numbers 333 are a reminder that it is here you need to stop scattering your energies, and face your inner demons.

666 is the most famous numerological sequence, and is associated with the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation. People fear this number even more than the number 13.

From a numerological perspective, think about the meaning of the “6” which is nurturing the family. The challenge would be, of course, when the family is not nurtured and cared for. 666 then seems very appropriate as a warning because it’s a reminder to care for those around you, and where your actions should be selfless and loving, they should never be self-sacrificing. Those who are self sacrificing exhaust themselves, and soon have nothing left to give. This can cause bitterness, along with a refusal to nurture the family. When the element of nurturing is removed, resentment, rather than love, is cultivated.

You should always be aware of the signs around you, and this includes numbers. Numbers, which may seem innocuous at first glance, bring the insights necessary to allow transformation into your life.

What are your numbers telling you?


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