I was reading something this weekend about focusing on a particular path.

“… making a choice to commit to one path in life means that we must give up other possibilities along the way.” Hal Zina Bennett in Write Starts

I have my focus in so many places that I never seem to get anywhere! I never seem to get a book read, a blog written, a scarf crocheted, a song memorized, a poem written, or more done on my book.

A good friend of mine tells me that it doesn’t matter… I can be everything. But I don’t feel like it.

Then I think “what if I’m not supposed to be a writer… only a singer? What if I’m not supposed to be a singer?”

Then I panic, not knowing where to put my attention.

How do you get through this?

How do you know?

Existential dilemmas are so frustrating sometimes!


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