My family and I are getting ready to move.   As I sit and look at the packing boxes stacked nearly to the ceiling, I think about how nice it will be to be in a bigger place.  But then as I look around again I see the space where my children played and made new friends.  I see the space where my husband healed out of a rough spot.  I see the space where I let go of who I thought I was supposed to be.

Moving can be like loosing a loved one.  Our energy lived in this space, and formed an attachment.

When we go, a piece of us will remain here until we call it back to us.

When we go, we are letting go of a piece of our lives to move forward into something new.

My friend Jennifer wrote something the other day… she said life is a series of rebirths and renewals.

I believe this as I look around the home that will soon be a memory.  We let go so we can move forward.

We cannot be in two places at once.


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